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Commit - habit four

How willing are you to commit? Life gets busy and we consciously or unconsciously set priorities. There are things that we commit to every day. We all brush our teeth, eat meals and try to pay the bills before they are red. But what about committing to be with your church family?

We are asking everyone to commit to coming to one of the Sunday services, once a week. To find one that you can call home, even if you may drop into others occasionally. 

Not An hour but a body

One of the images that the bible uses to talk about the church is a body. Jesus is described as the head of the body and we are described as the hands, feet and eyes. We need each other. Following the way is not about an hour on a Sunday, but it is about being together as the body of Jesus. We need each other, so let's be all together for at least one service, once a week.

We Need Each Other

Five reasons to commit:

  1. Families need to spend time together - it is difficult to be part of the church family if we are not willing to be in the room regularly.
  2. You will be encouraged and fed.
  3. You will encourage and feed others - even on your worst days.
  4. In a larger church we have to work harder at being in relationship. If you are constantly at different services, then it will be difficult for you to build meaningful relationships with others.
  5. The writers of the New Testament thought it was a good idea to meet together for worship, prayer and teaching1.

What does commitment to one service look like?

Church statisticians often talk about regular attendance being once a month. But there is a major problem with this. Once a month is just 12 times a year. If you miss one because you are on holiday or unwell then you could have a eight week gap.

This is why we are going to set the commitment bar high. We would love you to commit to worshiping with your church family every week. We know life happens and there will be times we can’t be together. But if we commit to worshiping on a Sunday once a week, then even if we miss the occasional service, we will still be connecting regularly with each other.

Reasons for not committing to one service, once a week

  1. The kids do sport on a Sunday morning - great, come as a family on Sunday evening.
  2. I’m tired - come and be with your family and we will pray that the Holy Spirit will strengthen you (bring a comfy chair and sleep in the corner if needed).
  3. Sunday is our only family time - so what a brilliant opportunity to model Christian community to them by being part of the church family on a Sunday then hanging out together for the rest of the day.
  4. I’m unwell or infirm so it is difficult to attend - we have a great visiting team who can meet with you in your home. The Church family can come to you! We also have a mid-week communion service that it may be easier for you to attend. Sometimes we need to flip the commitment, so that you know that we are committed to you!
  5. My church is... on the hills, by myself - This is a common idea in our culture, that we can be a Christian without relating to other Christians. So here are three thoughts to counter it.
    • Jesus taught his disciples to pray “Our Father”, not “My Father”.
    • When you go it alone it is usually not long before you go cold.
    • We need you2. You have a part to play in the local church, your contribution to the lives of others is needed.

Which service will you call home?

Please have a think and pray about which service you will commit to and call home. Find one service, once a week. Then, as you follow Jesus, you will be encouraged and be an encouragement to others.

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