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Growing - establishing you in faith

Life is full of habits1. Some of them help us on our way, some of them hinder us. Jesus says that he has chosen us to “bear fruit that will last”. This happens not by effort, but by remaining or abiding in him. Later in the bible it says, “let us throw off everything that hinders us.”2 We want to grow as followers of Jesus and to be fruitful. So we are encouraging everyone to take up these five habits as we travel The Way of Jesus.

Five Habits of The Way

1 Pray

Jesus taught his followers to pray using the Lord’s prayer and by modelling everyday prayer to them. We encourage you to begin and end the day with prayer. But also to pray in the moment, to be open to the prompts of the Holy Spirit. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you through everyday. More on habit 1 - Pray.

2 Read

In the song book of the bible it says, “your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path”3. The more we fill our minds with the bible (the word), the more opportunity there is for the Holy Spirit to guide our thinking and living. Find a plan and pattern that will help you read the bible everyday. More on habit 2 - Read.

3 Join

Jesus had a small group of people that he travelled with. Homegroups at All Saints provide that place for friendship and and shared learning. Together you can reflect on life, read the bible and pray. More on Habit 3 - Join.

4 Commit

Meeting together regularly as a church family for worship, prayer and teaching, encourages us and others4. In a larger church it is really helpful to have one service that you call home, so that you can get to know and be known by the church family. More on habit 4 - Commit.

5 Give

Jesus said, “it is more blessed to give than to receive”5. As we follow Jesus he invites us to live generously for others. We are to give our time, talents and resources in the context of church and our communities. We pray that everyone would find a place where you can serve in the church family or community. Find out more about giving financially to the work of All Saints. More on habit 5 - Give.


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Mark Searle, 29/08/2018