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All Saints is getting serious about Climate change and environmental issues. As a Christian organisation we have much to offer in helping to deliver sustainable development. Rooted in our locality over generations, defined by a strong, shared set of non-materialistic values, and experienced in working together with trust and respect, we are well-placed, both in outlook and practice, to influence and deliver sustainable development at all levels. Prayer and spiritual belief offer a means of support that is in itself sustainable, renewable and life giving. As custodians of God's amazing creation we want to protect and look after our planet and the incredible richness of life that inhabits it.
We start in small ways and together we can make a difference and share and promote our ideas and initiatives to the wider community.

Our church members, Sarah Gleave and Fiona Day, have started our sustainability initiative for All Saints and invited people to a meeting on 10th June 2019 to discuss a strategy for developing awareness of environmental issues and action that we might take in order to make a positive difference. One outcome of this first meeting is the implementation of this section on the All Saints website. Over the coming months we will be developing this area of the site and will be promoting monthly challenges for everyone, plus posting up information about meetings and initiatives in and around Bath. Running two community centres, as we do, we have been thinking sustainably about how we operate for several years now, so it's not a standing start, but with better understanding, more support and everyone involved, we know that we will be well placed to be able to make a real difference in our community.
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Global Success Stories: There are reasons to be positive. We can make a difference.

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