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There is plenty going on and we want to keep you up to date. 

Latest News 

We need a choir for the carol service on 22 December...
Thursday 31 October, 17:00hrs at Weston Hub. Buy your tickets here
In the Abbey Tuesday 12 November 19:30-21:00hrs

Our News and Views

We need a choir for the carol service on 22 December...
We are living in confusing times for our nation...

Community News 

Friday 05 April at 19:30hrs at Weston Methodist Church
Find out how you can help by donating
A letter to parents explaining this decision
On 9 September, Susannah Jewell and Jo Lewis will set off from London to cycle to Bruges...

Bath and Beyond

A workshop and casting is on Sunday 17 November at St Philip and St James Church
Find out more about the African Palms project
From the Bath Society of Botanical Artists
Wednesday 13 November, 19:30hrs AGM and 20:00-21:30hrs Showcase

Recent Talks

Jane Gillis speaking at a youth led Encounter
Jane Gillis
Sarah Couchman speaking at an All Age Engage
Sarah Couchman
Sarah Couchman speaking at Sanctuary
Sarah Couchman

Latest Blog Post From Mark

We all see the world in different ways and we all encounter God in different ways. For me I see the handy work of God all over creation. I can’t help but look at something natural and be filled with wonder at the maker.


Our Stories

It was a couple of years ago at New Wine, I go with my daughter there and we have a wonderful time. We go to the evening service which is very noisy, very loud, all the music and all the lights and I thought this one evening I would stay in the caravan...
I had a baby who was 5 months old and he became extremely ill, so ill that when he was in hospital he had a cardiac arrest, and he was sent to Reading hospital. They said he had viral pneumonia and he also had something that was called Pioderma...


Rock News

On 22 August, Bathnes Council received and registered a planning application from All Saints Church. The application related to the proposed extension to the church and to some modest changes to the church yard and car park.
After six and a half year the application has been submitted to BATHNES Council


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