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Pray - habit one

When was the last time you prayed? Maybe it was an arrow prayer in a difficult moment? Perhaps praying is part of your daily routine? Or maybe you can’t remember?

As a Christian community prayer and worship are at the heart of what we do. Jesus has given us access to God the Father and modelled for us how to pray. We have a vision to be A Church on The Way. So we want to encourage you to make prayer part of your daily pattern.

Prayer is the first of five habits that we are encouraging everyone at All Saints to take up. Pray, Read, Join, Commit and Give.
Pray 1000

Starting to pray

If praying is not something you do regularly then you might want to start like this:

Take five mins at the start of the day to put everything down and be still.

Acknowledge that Jesus is with you.

Thank him for 2-3 things.

Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you now and lead you through the day.

Ask for the Father’s blessing on someone else.

This is also a great time do the second habit - read

Get on with the rest of the day, but know the Jesus is with you and the Holy Spirit will want to keep speaking to you throughout the day.

Praying with others

Early Morning Prayer. Tuesdays 7-8am each week in Church. The Church is open for quiet prayer. A wonderfully spacious way to start the day.

Come Together. Tuesdays 7.45-9pm each week in Church. An opportunity for the whole church to Come Together and pray. We are specifically focused on the work of All Saints, including the ROCK project. But we pray for everything as the Holy Spirit leads us.

Prayer triplets. A really good way to walk with a small group. Meeting regularly to pray and encourage each other. Do let us know if you are in a prayer triplet (or quad). If you would like some help finding others to prayer with then please contact Mandy.